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4.58 Rating based on 5,315 Reviews

This app is amazing! I've always felt like unsubscribing from physical junk mail was a hopeless demoralizing task but this app makes it easy!

Margaret S

Super simple to use, and kind of fun!

Nancy C

OMG, this app is awesome. My mother in law is receiving TONS of solicitation mail daily, and she thinks she has to reply/give to them all. She's confused and draining her bank accounts.

Deb B

It's been great to have an app that can directly address and manage junk mail.

Jamie C

PaperKarma really works! We needed a way to stop the avalanche of catalogs (5-10 a day!) that arrived at my house every month. I'm happy to say that within a month or two of signing up for PaperKarma the catalogs have virtually stopped. If you're on the fence about paying for the service, just go ahead and do it. It's totally worth the minimal monthly cost.

David W

This is a great service. If you care about the environment, get this app. I hope more use this app and we can rid the world of junk mail forever.

Damon D

I recently moved and low and behold... I started receiving new junk mail. What a pain! I have been an avid user of PaperKarma found it to be very effective. Well needless to say I look forward to using your app again.

Michelle G

I joined PK and love it. Everything I have been bombarded with since my father passed has finally started to stop. As POA for my Mother now, I learned Social Security death records make all widows /widowers vulnerable to every non-profit to ask for any leftovers or cash. My Mother is 85 and thinks they are bills sometimes. Just … Thank you.

Robert E
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