PaperKarma® Affiliate Program
Earn up to 30% recurring commission per sale.
How does the PaperKarma Affiliate Program work?


Join Online

Simply fill out a short online form to join up and get your unique referral link. Get approved and set up in no time.



Get access to ads, promo materials and referral links. Manage your statistics and payout info from the affiliate dashboard.


Earn Money

Get up to 30% recurring commission on referral sales. Lifetime commissions apply for every new customer that signs up via your referral link.

What are the advantages?


90 Day Cookie

We give your attributed visitors 90 days to make a purchase – you get credit for the sale.


Quick Approval

Don’t wait ages to get approved. Apply and get to work the same day.


Monthly Payout

Enjoy on-time monthly payouts over PayPal, managed over the affiliate dashboard.

Who are your target groups?


US Households

  • 126 million households in the US
  • 85 billion pieces of junk mail per year
  • 675 pieces of junk mail per household, per year
  • It’s everyone’s problem!


Green Consumers

  • 56% of US consumers (GFK MRI)
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable lifestyle
  • Zero-waste


Recent Movers & New Homeowners

  • 35.5 million Americans move each year (
  • Publicly available info is compiled & sold to marketers
  • Movers are inundated with new junk offers


Many more Demographics

  • Aging Parents
  • Charity Donors
  • Privacy-minded Citizens
  • Professional Organizers