Stop Junk Mail in 3 Easy Steps: A Beginner’s Guide

How to stop junk mail?! Whoa. Stop the record player. It’s 2019 here. #ClimateChange is trending on Instagram. Pitchforks are out for single-use plastics. Burger King is even selling plant-based burgers like hotcakes. 😲 How is paper junk mail still even a thing? Unfortunately, the reality is that if you’re getting too many catalogs, magazines […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use PaperKarma

A list compiled by those who are already snapping pics, reducing junk mail and absolutely love us 🙂   #1. Stop receiving paper junk mail and catalogs in your home mailbox. Tired of opening the mailbox, only to pull out irrelevant catalogs and random credit card offers covered in personal information? Junk mail adds stress […]

How Junk Mail Impacts the Environment

Opening our mailboxes to find them stuffed full of unwanted mail items is inconvenient and annoying, for sure. Implicitly, we understand that junk mail is also terrible for the environment. But hey, at least we’re doing our part by recycling, right? Yeah, about that … It turns out that as of 2018, more and more […]

How Postal Mail Lost its Magic

Junk mail has destroyed the joy we once felt opening the mailbox in anticipation of receiving a letter.

Discarding Junk Mail – What do you do?

Discarding Junk Mail. Do you shred all your junk mail?

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