PaperKarma can not stop EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) which “carpet bombs” a zip code with junk mail. Additionally, there are several other types of junk mailers Paperkarma can not stop.

Here’s how you can recognize a mailer we don’t support:

  • Postage stamp includes a code that says “EDDM”
  • Mail is not addressed to any named individual or family and is only addressed to a generic catch-all, e.g. “Current Resident”, “To our Neighbors At” or similar.

    (To be clear, if the mail is addressed to an individual and also to “Or Current Resident”, we can handle it).

  • Mail does not include ANY recipient whatsoever (e.g. a Free Standing Insert like a local grocery store flyer)
  • Mail is a political postcard for a ballot issue or candidate. The good news here is that while annoying, such postcards dry up instantly after a short period of intensity prior to the vote /election.

While the above situations should guide you as a rule of thumb, there are certain, notable exceptions we have had success with, including:

  • Money Mailer
  • Retail Me Not (formerly Redplum)
  • Valpak