Requests are marked as “pending” for one of three reasons:

  1. We work with many mailers by sending a “batch” of opt-out requests 1x per month. Your request will transition to a “success” state once our systems send the batch out.
  2. The mailer has changed it’s protocol for accepting opt-out requests (e.g. an employee change, or a new phone number or email address) and we are working with the mailer to correct the information in our system.
  3. You have submitted a request for a small, local mailer that is not in our system or for which we have not yet identified a verified method for sending opt-out requests.

PaperKarma is constantly reaching out to “pending” mailers and updating our system and database, such that you can expect most pending requests to transition to “success.”

Please note that unless you request the deletion of your account, we will continue to process pending requests for you even if you pause or terminate your subscription in the meantime.