Following your free trial, a PaperKarma subscription is required for continued access to the service.

There are currently three plans available:

  1. Monthly Plan (Unlimited Unsubscribes): $3.99 /mo
  2. 6-Month Plan (Unlimited Unsubscribes): $15.99 /6 months
  3. Yearly Plan (Unlimited Unsubscribes):     $24.99 /yr

How do I know which plan is right for me?

Monthly plans offer a convenient way to get rid of individual mailers and light junk mail problems.

6-Month and Yearly plans offer better value. We recommend these plans for stopping a wide variety of mailers over several (or all) possible seasonal campaigns.

Additionally, with these longer plans you can add new mailers to our database (great for stopping smaller local mailers). We will research them and submit your opt-out request for you.