Top 5 Reason to Use PaperKarma

A list compiled by those who are already snapping pics, reducing junk mail and absolutely love us 🙂


#1. Stop receiving paper junk mail and catalogs in your home mailbox.

Tired of opening the mailbox, only to pull out irrelevant catalogs and random credit card offers covered in personal information? Junk mail adds stress and clutter to life. Let’s be honest, you’d be better off without it.

Not only does stopping junk mail to your home address benefit you directly, but it also reduces the amount of paper waste that ends up in landfills and recycling centers around the country. In addition to that, it reduces the logging pressure currently placed on our beautiful forests.

#2. Stop receiving paper mail at your small business.

Ever feel like you’ve got more than enough to do while running your own business? (I’m guessing all the time!)

With PaperKarma you can permanently take one more item off your to-do list and stop worrying about the loads and loads of junk mail you have to sort through.

#3. Stop your aging parents from getting scammed.

Aging Parents

We’ve seen it time and time again: aging or widowed parents are constantly bombarded with junk mail. Social Security death records make widows and widowers especially vulnerable to non-profits and political organizations asking for anything they have left.

We think all these credit card offers and solicitations are confusing for us: what to throw away, what to shred, what to keep. Think of how confusing it must be for them! As caretakers, this is the last thing we want our parents to deal with.

#4. Stop junk mail addressed to other residents and tenants.

In Agreement with our Terms of Use and provided you are an authorized agent or caretaker of another person, PaperKarma will submit your unsubscribe request, along with evidence of your possession of the mail in question, on your behalf.

Common situations include:

  • Removing a deceased or incapacitated relative from mailing lists
  • Families, roommates, tenants in common may share a single PaperKarma account to get rid of junk mail at a single address
  • Professional caretakers and professional organizers explicitly hired and authorized to manage the personal effects of a third-party

#5. Stop junk mail to your new home after a move to a new address.

You’ve been daydreaming about it for months: you finally walk into your new home and a fresh start. And then (cue dramatic music) you open your new mailbox and bam! Or should I say spam?

Your junk mail has followed you! Your relocation is now a matter of public record and your new address data has been sold to hundreds of direct marketers by the USPS itself (it’s called the New Movers List)

Luckily, PaperKarma can help you easily deal with all of these issues. By snapping a simple picture you will be unsubscribed from all of those unwanted credit card offers, catalogs, solicitations for donations, and the rest of your junk mail.

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