Victoria’s Secret Opt-Outs – Explained!

We have been reading another junk mail service’s blog post entitled May Member Update from May 22nd about Victoria’s Secret opt-outs.

Apparently, this service claims their members must call Victoria’s Secret personally to be removed from its postal mailing list.

Strange … since PaperKarma has been sending opt-out requests to Victoria’s Secret for years on behalf of our subscribers. Successfully, of course.

In return we always receive a helpful and courteous reply. This includes exact information on what to expect and how long the process of a Victoria’s Secret opt-out for postal mail will take.

I am confused as to why another service to stop postal junk mail is giving out incorrect information to its subscribers.

How to stop catalogs from Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has mostly stopped sending its once ubiquitous catalogs. This was a respoonse to public backlash to the lack of diversity in the models featured in its annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show an unhealthy focus on female body ideals.

If you still receive a catalog, simply contact Victoria’s Secret Customer Service Center via Live Chat and send them your opt-out information, including:

  • your customer number
  • source code
  • key code

[To learn more about these codes and how they help identify you, click here.]

The more details you provide, the better.

How to stop promo offers from your local Victoria’s Secret store

To stop promotional mailings from your local Victoria’s Secret store, simply fill out this opt-out form.

However, be cautious!

Make sure to select the correct radio button “Please remove me from store mailings” – otherwise you just might receive MORE mail.

How to stop ALL mail & catalogs from Victoria’s Secret

Again, Victoria’s Secret has been honoring opt-out requests sent via PaperKarma’s stop junk mail service for years.

Simply download our app, snap a picture of your catalog or mail and we’ll do the rest.

Finally, Here is an actual response to a Victoria’s Secret opt-out request, received from them:

Actual Victoria’s Secret Customer Service Email

> Dear Customer,
> Thank you for your e-mail regarding your E-Mail Exclusives and catalogues. We will be happy to comply with your request.
> We have verified that your e-mail address has been removed from our online mailing list. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for this change to occur.
> It may take up to 90 days for you to stop receiving our catalogues as they are preprinted. We appreciate your patience as this change is being implemented.
> If for any reason, you receive a catalogue from us after 90 days addressed to any variation of your name or address, please contact us by telephone or reply to this e-mail.
> Customer, Victoria’s Secret values each of our customers and hope you will grant us the opportunity to serve you again in the future. Thank you for contacting Victoria’s Secret.
> Sincerely,
> Customer Services

Note: I have suppressed our subscriber’s name and the Victoria’s Secret customer service representative’s name from the email for privacy.

Margot Brown